Fall for May

is a side-scroller Action RPG in 2d-cartoon-styled fantasy world. An exciting adventure story full of surprises and mystery awaits you.


Amazingly beautiful and dangerous world of Kreiss – a homeplace of Faer-Tir race, beastfolk. Their history had a thousand years of prosperity, until people came to this world.


The mighty state, founded by people – mysterious wanderers from another unknown world. Over the centuries of neighborhood with Faer-Tir, many bloody wars thundered. Today, the Empire owns most of the land, and its head, the Great Emperor, can confidently consider himself the full owner of Kreiss.


However, not all people choose the path of following the will of the Emperor. Free people   descendants of renegades and exiles, thrown out of the Empire for free thinking. They built their own freedom-loving state on the eastern borders of the Empire.

Purple Dragon guild

The largest and perhaps the most famous in the Freelands. Like many other guilds, the Purple Dragon was created to make the lives of ordinary people better: guarding the roads, hunting for monsters and thugs, resolving disputes and conflicts.

The Dragon has branches in all the Freelands, however, it will be a question of the small provincial town of Stenligem and the extraordinary story that happened to him, his inhabitants and our brave adventurers:

...our protagonist
The past of the girl is foggy and full of mysteries. The only Faer-Tir in Stenligem and the local guild. May was always drawn to adventures and stories of her race... and to apple pies.
...her best friend
Being a grandson of a magician and wishing to follow in his footsteps, he spent youth in the grandfather's library. The appearance of impulsive and restless May at Stenligem, and their strong friendship changed Christophe's temper. Picking up his sword, he joined the Purple Dragon.
...strange girl from Empire
Alchemist girl with an unusual history, originally from the Empire. Her dream is to see the world, to visit all its corners. Aunt of Daisy is the head of the guild branch in the city of Koss. She joined the guild, although she had never seen a sword in real and terribly afraid of blood.
...oh, and that weirdo..
Secretive and unsociable guy, originally from a deep village near Stenligem. Always takes the most difficult and dirty tasks in the guild. In battle, relies on knives and cunning traps. Works only alone. Hates small talk.


  • A fascinating story about a strange and wonderful world, its inhabitants; about rises and falls, friendship and betrayal, full of mysticism and plot twists.
  • Lively, compelling characters. Non-linear dialogues and good humor.
  • Stunning actions, lots of combat arts. A rich combat system includes the classic mana-related skills and use of crafted consumables.
  • Crafting and alchemy are closely related to the extra story lines.
  • Nonlinear plot. Some unique endings that are directly dependent on the decisions you make.


We're planning to release the game for Windows,
Mac and Nintendo Switch.


Screenshots from early development preview v0.0.1.
Everything will be enhanced and polished!

Fall for May screenshot
Fall for May screenshot
Fall for May screenshot
Fall for May screenshot
Fall for May screenshot gif

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